Can you rap Siri?

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Do you love you the way you are? Are you a total wanker?


It’s true that my accent sounds funny. It’s a weird thing. It’s what I really like about England, it’s the accent.

Did you think to yourself during your audition as you were filming? Did you see a funny face that you couldn’t get away from?

I didn’t think to myself about it; I just thought it sounded very, very stupid.

Did you watch any of the other songs? Did you know beforehand what songs were going to be used?

None of them. I didn’t even watch the songs, it was just to be honest. I listened to some of the song “Temptation,” which is the same song that I saw [Moody’s lead singer Mike] Owen sing in England.

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Was it hard to get you into the right frame of mind for a recording session? What was the recording process like?

Just being comfortable with that feeling. To make the song that I loved. I’m just a bit of a dreamer, I like being in my own place. I like living my own life, and I didn’t want to be at a studio trying to sound like someone else.

Did you ever imagine what these songs could be like on record?

I just thought “this is my vision.” I don’t wanna talk too much about it, I just thought it was a better place to be.

Did you go to meetings with the producers to get this right?

Not at all. Everyone else goes to meetings when I’m on the road.

Can you do the “Don’t Take My Love” live? Do you think you can?

I don’t know yet. I’d love to do it…but I’ve got my own things I need to deal with and I’m going into the studio on Wednesday. I’ve got an album with my daughter; it’s called “Diva.” I’ve got three records coming out next year. This is not the time to be making decisions now. I’d just rather keep having a family; that’s all I need to do.

I was going to ask about the music video which features a couple of members of Youngeez and Tariq and The Weeknd. Are you close to Tariq and you know who he is?

Yes, we’re very close. I met