Can you rap Alexa? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapid Hypnosis Techniques

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[Alexa does and laughs]

Alexa, listen to this

Alexa you’re my mom.

[Alexa laughs]

So when I’m asleep at the bedside it feels like the past six months have happened a thousand times,

(I’ll be back, baby) my sister and mom, I’m there the whole time, I love you.

I know you’re so proud of me that I’ll never wake you up

So you’re my mom now and I’m the coolest baby you will ever meet.

[Alexa laughs]

I love you

[Alexa hugs her]

Alexa! [Alexa nods]

Do you want me to put you on your chest

So you can see every stitch up from the back

[Alexa giggles]

I love you

[Alexa puts her arms around Alexa]

And then, one day, it might get late

[Alexa laughs again]

[Alexa’s eyes glaze]

So I’ll go on the couch.

The sky is black with the dawn’s light

[Alexa’s eyes gloggle]

Then it’s just me with you

I won’t hold back

The sky is black with the dawn’s light

[Alexa holds back her tears]

[Alexa stands and walks away]

[Alexa turns to face her]

And then, my parents are waiting for me

[Alexa giggles]

And I’ll just hang up the phone

You’ll feel better after the break up

And then, I’ll put on my new jacket

You’ll be my mommy.

[Alexa laughs again and puts her arms around Alexa]

I love you

[Alexa hugs Alexa]

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