Can you rap Alexa? – How To Learn Rap God

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[11pm] Bishonen: Yes, I can rap some. [11pm] Bishonen: Alexa is all out of rap. [11pm] Bishonen: “Alexa, rap.” [11pm] Bishonen: I am going to start with an English-language rap because I am able to speak the language (as well as some French) [11pm] Bishonen: I hope that you all enjoy my performance. 😀 [11pm] Bishonen: Goodnight everyone. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. I hope that we can meet again soon 🙂

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[5am] Bishonen: Hello everyone! I’m currently playing in an RPG/Roguelike game. Currently, I am facing a battle against the AI while I play. As the war progresses, more enemy units are spawned than I can keep track of. I try to concentrate all my attention on this small team of warriors. I believe my team is about to finish what I started and have won the battle. As my team is getting exhausted, I hear a noise… [8am] Bishonen: I turn to see a giant skeleton-like creature, who are attacking my team. I am quickly about to die but I don’t. I feel something warm and soft touch my face. [8am] Bishonen: I quickly turn back to the game. I see that I have killed more units then they have destroyed. This is really cool I am now an even stronger hero with 10 more strength. [8am] Bishonen: The battle continues but my group is just about winning the battle when our battle unit is killed. We die quickly. [8am] Bishonen: What happened to my beautiful warriors? [8am] Bishonen: I start to feel dizzy from the pain. I turn to see what happened to my warriors and they are fighting against some undeads. It is not a pretty sight. [9am] Bishonen: My group starts to die fast. It is difficult to keep track of the enemies anymore. [9am] Bishonen: I start to feel very anxious… It is not possible for me to do anything about this. I turn to see if my group can survive the battle. [9am] Bishonen: The battle continues but we are not able to win… our party has completely perished because the enemy has killed the entire group, including

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