Can the same word rhyme? – Rhymemakers

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A. The same words rhyme in every verse

Does your song have the same words?

A. Yes, the same words

Does the song have the same chorus?

A. No — only in a few minor parts (one verse only)

Does your song follow the same pattern — or does it change in some way?

The world’s oldest living person, a 73-year-old man from Germany, has died in his sleep, doctors say. His death in September is not being officially confirmed for another week.

The man’s death sparked speculation that he was too old to have a body or that he was dead already and was lying in a coffin in a hospital. Doctors in Bonn hospital confirmed the man’s death on Friday.
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The man, named as Georg Radek, died of “respiratory failure,” when his oxygen levels dropped and “the heart stopped working.”

In Germany, the man has lived in an old man’s home and had an artificial heart since 1999, when he was 78.

Radek retired from his job at a chemical company in 2013 and spent his retirement trying to beat a heart condition that had kept him in bed for a month. He went to the hospital six weeks ago but suffered a recurrence of respiratory failure. He was taken back to his home where doctors used an artificial heart to keep his heart beating.

Radek had a heart attack on Sunday on a train which brought him down from his home in Hildesheim in North Rhine-Westphalia. In March 2014, he suffered another recurrence so doctors were aware of his health issues.

He was in a hospital in Bonn for several days, but doctors at that time said he had not passed away, adding that there was little need for further treatments.

Radek’s family said his condition had been worsening before his death and that, despite taking anti-septic medication, he also had renal failure, which put him on dialysis. They questioned the doctors’ statement that he had not passed away.

Radek suffered from multiple health problems including a serious lung infection and pneumonia in 2011 and 2013. An MRI had shown that his heart had stopped pumping.

This year the American Cancer Society celebrated its 100th anniversary, which is great. The organization is a worthy force that provides lifesaving medical care.

But the 100th anniversary doesn’t actually mean anything. It

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