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Molly: Oh! There’s “pony” and “fire” and “wasp”.

Hank: Those are all my favorites.

Molly: What are mine?

Hank: How about “marsh”? [Molly gives him a frown, and he replies “meadow”?[2]

Molly: That’s not bad. I’ll give you a hint: Marsh mums, they are all in this one.

Hank: “It’s a marsh, Molly. Nothing more. Nothing else. I’m with you, Molly.”

Dirk: Why is it that there are only four of these things in the whole Bible?

Hank: ‘Cause there is only one, right? Right there, in the end.

Dirk: I’ve got a better idea. How about I go on a date with her.

Hank: No. You’re just being stupid. [Kirk and Momsen laugh.]

Momsen: What?

Hank: [Momsen looks at him.] The next time I see you, I promise you I’ll be the other side of Momsen, right there.

Kirk: Why is it that there’s only one of these things in the whole Bible?

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Hank: [Momsen shakes his head.] Right there, in the end.

Molly: So, where are you going next?

Hank: In Canada.

Momsen: [Looks up at her friend with a huge smile.] I’m so confused.

Kirk: Molly, are you sure about that?

Molly: Of course I’m sure. He’s not that bad.

Hank: Okay, so then my mom had a really bad day.

[On-Island – The three main groups of the group are gathered on the island – and all are playing bingo. There are two groups of the same colors. Each of The group is playing at a different bingo spot.]

Molly: So, we got a bingo game going between our groups, right? I’m getting the black group to roll a six. [Rory leans her head in and grins. Everyone else looks on in curiosity.]

Kirk: Yeah, I know, Molly. But that’s just wrong.

Molly: Well, it

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