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There are, and here comes my word for Wolf:

Wolverine X Wolverine

This is a good spot to start. To start, I had several things going on in my brain. First of all, there was the whole theme of finding myself in the Wolverine movie. That came first. But I also knew that my Wolverine comic was going to be coming out again and it was going to be a “The Ultimate Wolverine” crossover that I wrote called “Wolf.”

I had to make sense of the fact that there were going to be a lot of characters appearing in the story. This was because Wolverine has appeared in so many different characters – it used to be all these different character names with each other. And also, I knew that there were going to be new people coming after that Wolverine, which included characters who weren’t from a comic, but had become characters or were going to be revealed.

The first thing I said to myself was that I was going to get into my Wolverine comic because I loved it. The way it was written was really beautiful. The art is good. I really liked the coloring too. I loved the story and thought it had great things to say. So I started with the Wolverine story. And that’s almost three-quarters of the comic – it is just about getting into the Wolverine comic.

Then it started to come together. It was all this stuff happening and all these ideas and then the writer, John Romita had just gotten a book out for Marvel called “Roxxay” and you see Wolverine there too, but the thing was that Roxxay was about Wolverine. And when this thing came out, it was in the middle of the line, so the next page said “Roxxay!”

What was it about Roxxay – it was this character that happened to be in it but it felt connected to Wolverine – that seemed to resonate?

It seems like it would be a pretty easy connection to make. He’s very protective of his friends and doesn’t leave his friends around. I knew that I wanted to connect them in the same way.

The first page of that issue had an illustration of Wolverine staring at a very angry woman. She looked exactly like what I had in my mind and that was the start I wanted it to come off – to be this kind of emotional and physical moment that could really be emotionally touching. So it was a huge moment for

I really liked the

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