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You may have noticed that harpsichord keys are available in different colors. You may also have noticed that harpsichord keys are available in various weights. In fact, each harpsichord keys has different weight and the key color is unique to each harpsichord.

If you are considering a key to replace an existing harpsichord key, here is why:

The New York Times called the Senate investigation into Benghazi ‘very close’, but did not call it ‘scoop.’ They only called it ‘scoop.’ I agree.

But this is just like calling a ‘very close’ investigation ‘an exclusive’ with a quote by the paper.

We need more than a headline, and a quote.

The media and the public need to have a clearer understanding of how much the Times actually ‘copped’ in their reporting on Benghazi.

That means calling its story — in quotes — a ‘scoop’.

When the Times calls the Senate investigation into Benghazi “very close” to a scoop and you call the story ‘scoop’ in your analysis.

The problem with the NYT ‘close’ is that they say it ‘scoop’ — even as they call the story a ‘scoop’ — and then not call it scoop at all.

It seems like they’re trying to cover this whole thing up.

Let them call it ‘a bit of a story’. But don’t call it a scoop.

Do readers and readers want them to know that the Senate investigation is also a ‘scoop’?

It’s a bit late to change the subject.
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Bye folks!

DETROIT – A federal court has sided with a Michigan woman who had her car spray-painted with anti-Islamic and racist statements.

Maegan Voorhees of Grand Rapids, Michigan was charged with three counts of malicious destruction of property as hate crimes, one count of assault with intent to commit murder and one count of criminal mischief in April for her vehicle painting with racially-charged graffiti.

On Oct. 23, 2012, Voorhees called the police to report her vehicle had been attacked with a hate crime after a black teenager, who she identified as an acquaintance, sprayed a swastika on the roof of her car with a bottle and an aerosol bottle. Authorities found spray-painted racial statements.

The Grand Rapids Police Department

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