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There are black keys in some of the harpsichord keys, although there can also be a blue key at the bottom. The reason for this is because there are different keys for the different harpsichord keys. I found the blue key on some of the harpsichord keys.

What instruments are available with harp parts? There’s a lot of different kinds of harpsichord and their various harp parts, but there are three major kinds. The most common one is called a soprano bass, a two-string harpsichord that’s usually black. The other types are sometimes called ‘piano’ harpsichord and ‘tenor’ harpsichord. The ‘guitar’ sort is usually white. Here are some types of soprano bass:

In a large company’s factory, you can buy these parts.

What instruments usually have harp parts? There’s a lot of parts in Harp player’s keys. Harp players will often take the keys off the harpsichord to make the guitar part, although in many places you can buy those keys again. The other instruments like the trombone and clarinet usually don’t like to take off harp parts. I’ve heard some harpsichord players take apart harp parts, but it’s usually not a very good idea.

Do you have a full-service harp center? I don’t think we have one at my place, but I do have good harp players. I’ve known some for years, and usually they have some kind of expertise in the harp. There are many professional harp players in the USA and overseas.

I don’t care if they do a custom job. I just need all the parts.

What kind of parts are available? The parts from most companies are called flat keys. Those keys can be ordered with an oval or a straight edge key. There are other kind of flat keys, which I don’t know about.

What are some parts you need that are not available anywhere else? For instance, you should never take apart a string harp to get a flat key. You should take apart the strings after cleaning them to get flat keys. I’ve seen some harp players take apart the harpsichord and put the strings back. This can be more difficult than it should be because the strings on the string harp sound very different than the harpsichord ones.

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