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PianoMate. It’s the most popular piano app in the world, making millions of downloads.”

And the apps are all free or under $1 a month

I started teaching piano, and I realized it took a lot of time and focus to teach. I decided to stop for a year to help me start a piano lessons program and I started this website where people can learn from me and share their own lessons and tips that worked for them to improve their performance and the enjoyment of teaching!

The app works well for me and I’m very happy that it does! If you like to teach piano or do it with students then you probably need to try PianoMate. I am amazed how it works for me and so why can’t you do the same in your own programs?

I started my own lessons at my own house – and I would encourage you to do the same if this is something that you want to work towards.

In addition to my courses, the website offers workshops, workshops, workshops and workshops where you can get feedback from my students and teachers, you can find other resources to improve your piano, learn to play guitar faster, or find the right instrument for you.

I would recommend checking it out!

PianoMate, the #1 piano app for piano lessons worldwide for Android! Learn from a professional teacher (in 10 lessons a week) for free by getting feedback from my students and teachers all over the world.

Learn to play guitar faster with PianoMate

PianoMate’s online lessons include 5 levels, each with 100 levels in total, including 3 practice levels!

You can play over 15,000 notes, and you can learn over 200 different chords, scales, fingerings and melodies.

Learn new song ideas using PianoMate’s over 100,000 notes database!

Find your favorite songs & albums with PianoMate’s song database!

PianoMate’s lessons are fun and engaging and you can download the videos in MP4, FLV, and other formats when you’re not online.

If you don’t know yet how to play the piano, or would like to get started with the app, check out my course on learning to play piano –

What do you think of the PianoMate site? Is your site a good alternative for playing guitar & singing? Give us a say in the comments below!



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