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What’s your musical background?

What instrument (or instruments) do you play?

How long have you trained?

What’s your current musical education level?

If you had the opportunity to train alongside a professional musician, which instrument would you recommend? (If you have a piano or a violin and could teach one, please do!)

3 Ways to Teach Yourself to Play the Piano - wikiHow
What’s the greatest benefit to having a coach (i.e. an educator) in your life?

What are the greatest challenges facing you as an aspiring violinist?

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Tiger Woods, who was the reigning major champion until he broke down at the Masters at age 49 in 2012, took a break this week to get his health in tip-top shape for his upcoming U.S. Open campaign.

The two-time major champion said that he was able to perform better this week than he would in the prior years, as he got some serious rest, but his recovery is still going to take its time.

“I feel like the best I’ve ever felt going into a tournament,” he said during his weekly radio show on ESPN Radio. “I think I did one of the best I could under pressure — I couldn’t have done it if my whole body was injured.”

Woods told ESPN’s Kevin Weidl that, despite his fitness problems, he has always been able to play the best golf of his life in the final round.

“I’m still at the top of my game because I’m in great shape,” he said. “I’m still winning all the tournaments I play at. When the body gets more tired, I take a break and start focusing on my game and I’m right back where I’ve always been and that was the biggest lesson.”

Tiger Woods has been suffering from an illness for some time, but he has been able to push through it and go through the U.S. Open this week like he did in 2012. AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Woods said that, although he’s had a couple of setbacks since that Masters in 2012, he’s now made progress over the past few weeks that he thought he could not even imagine two years ago.

“I’ve been playing well,” he said. “And I think that comes back [to] playing better on the PGA Tour. … When my body feels right, my golf game plays really well and I’m right

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