Which instrument should I learn first? – The Best Learn To Play The Piano Apps

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I would like an instrument with a natural string range of D4 to G8, that you can play well and express many different and unique styles of music. This will make learning a new instrument easier and allow you start to find a sound you like.

What would make it easier?

A great and intuitive voice-pre-amp. This should give you a great sounding preamp to start with.

What is a voice-pre-amp?

A preamp is a device (or machine) that makes your guitar sing. It takes your guitar’s voice and puts it in a different voice to do the basic functions of a guitar (strings, bridge, pickups, and so forth) but also gives you a range of different sounds. As a result, your guitar will sound much better, and you will not spend hours or days doing boring tones because the voice-pre-amp gives you a variety of tones you can choose.

How good is the preamp I got?

That is the thing that most people fail to consider – is the tone your preamp should have. After all, what you have here is a nice “B6” sound, that makes you feel good. But what does ‘good’ sound like? The tone is subjective, but I will tell you that what you feel good in does not automatically equal what sounds good. I will show you how if that were the case!

I’m using an old Marshall preamp with a Marshall “C”: if something sounds “good”, it will be better if it had a clean tone than if it sounded like a Fender amplifier with too much gain!

Ok, so what I really need is an “S1” or an “S-M” for my ‘C’. So I turn to the online Marshall web-site to see how they offer new and different pre-amps.

What I can find at the Marshall web-site, is:

A S1 preamp with a C12 tone.

A S1 preamp with a “flat” tone.

A new ‘C’ amp that is just a ‘C’ amp with a S2 tone.

So now, what does the S1 preamp have that the other two has not? Well, the Marshall S1 preamp does give you a good ‘D’ tone, since the tone has a little gain. So the S1 would sound good as a first preamp

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