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The question of which instrument to learn first comes up often. One reason is because there are differences in sound between some instruments. For example, bass and soprano are different instruments. The reason for the different sound can be determined by the sound of your teeth. You will need to learn both instruments to get good at playing these two instruments. If you like to play the bass and the soprano, the first instrument is Bass. The next choice is the soprano instrument. It is generally better if you learn this instrument first because of the ease of the sound. If you like the sound of the bass, then the next choice is the tenor instrument. Tenor is usually more useful than tenor.

Which instrument should I study first?

This is another question that comes up time and time again. You may have read an article that said one thing and it may be the wrong thing. The question can vary based on the quality of your teachers, but you should start studying these instruments first and work your way up to all of them.

What other good reasons can I see for practicing these instruments first?

Improving your ear is a great reason to practice. If you hear notes that are too hard you can practice with less pressure and/or make them less shrill. Practice using a tape recorder to hear which notes are too loud. In addition, practice with different types of instruments at different times of day. The right time to practice can also vary depending on your particular situation. Many people find the best time to practice different instruments is in the afternoon and early evening; others choose to practice only in the morning or later in the afternoon. Be creative with how you practice: some people do well on all of these instruments, others do poorly, and others are mediocre at all three.

Do you have any additional reasons to start practicing these instruments?

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