What should I learn first on piano? – Best Way To Learn Piano Notation Markings

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The first thing you should learn is scales . The first and most important thing that you learn is how to play chords. It should be obvious and obvious that this is the main reason to learn scales. In fact I am not gonna try to give a short guide to playing the basic chords of a scale; it is very long already so I suggest that you look into the lesson “How to play chords with the C Major Scale”. But I will give you the following tips on scales.

Chords are simple and you have to know the rules of the scale with regard to note length. If you read this post you might already be able to understand that most players (not just big ones) usually use scale shapes on the left hand.

You can imagine that most beginners prefer the right hand for the melody. To change that, just take the scale shape on the right hand and play it as a scale shape, right? Now think about some melodies… (Or maybe you know them very well already but just for fun). Now you might be thinking why would you ever play those shapes on the left hand? And now you should not think to play these shapes. But most people do! So the first thing that you learn is how to play them.

So that we are clear about what I mean by scale shapes on the left hand: there are scales on the left hand that you can play, then there are scales on the right hand. Most people use the scale shapes on the left hand and ignore the ones on the right. So in practice you have to know how to use them. I think that playing scales on the left hand is very important because you can never play them with the right finger. So you have to learn how to keep those shapes on the left hand.

Now it might be strange to know that the notes of the C Major scale are E Major and G Minor, and that the notes of the root (major third) of the scale are E, and the note on the second string, D major. But that is what it is.

You have to learn the first 9 steps to play a new scale shape…

1. Pick out the root note(s) by playing the following scale shapes.


E Major

2. Play the scale shapes one after the other on the same chord


3. Notice the order of the notes


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