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If you like to play guitar then the first thing is learning to play an instrument for pleasure. But there are tons of things you can do to make playing an instrument even easier, if you have the time, energy, and know when to practice!

What is your technique for learning an instrument? Have you taken any lessons?

Playing piano or performing a melody is easy! I learned to play the violin very easily, and it doesn’t take a lot of practice. I usually take about 1–2 lessons a week. There are tons of videos on YouTube with simple tutorials for beginners (including violin lessons, bass lessons, ukulele lessons), and I love going to other YouTube Channels where players talk about techniques. Learning something is something that you have to go through it by yourself. So if you listen to others talking about it, the technique may not have been a good idea until you see it yourself!

I learned to play drums a few years ago, but it has taken much more practice than that (even though my drum teacher encouraged me). I have to start out with a set of drums, and if I want to move on to an ukulele, bass, piano, or clarinet, I have to practice that for many months on end. Even when I’m really good at a particular technique, there are always new things. It is amazing how much comes out of taking the time to practice on the guitar, bass, and piano. If you like to listen to all these different ways to play, you can often learn more by listening than by studying.

What is the most difficult instrument to learn?

If you’re new to music, I would say the drums are the hardest instrument to get started with. They are so repetitive, and it took me almost three months before I could really concentrate on playing. It’s a lot like starting to play guitar on an instrument that you can play for an hour straight, and then it takes you about a month. However, I have never had a problem playing drums even with many months of practice, even though it took me several years to get good at doing it!

There are tons of articles on YouTube about drumming, and lots of new techniques to learn. But the reason I like to get into that kind of stuff is so you can learn to play what you like. Because there are so many ways of playing, not everyone can pick two or three that work best for you! There are techniques,

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