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A lot depends on an individual’s preference. Some people like teaching themselves, while others prefer a course that’s offered online. The question often isn’t “how much should you spend?” but “how much will you learn in 10 weeks.” Some online pianist lessons come with video tutorials and even audio CDs, while others offer online video lessons and only audio CDs.

Here are four free online piano lessons that you might like to try:

1. The Ultimate Piano Course: The Piano Progression

The Piano Progression is one of my personal favorites. It’s well-known as one of the few online pianist courses that actually teaches the exact keyboard layout of the instrument. There’s also a free version of the course that includes the entire scale with examples.

2. Piano Lessons With the Sound of the Pianos: The Kriegpiano and Soloists

This is a piano-based piano teaching site, and, since the lesson is all about how to play a piano, all the lessons are in key. These lessons are all designed for those that are just beginning their piano journey, but if you are not so sure, this is a good place to start.

3. Piano & Harmony: Lessons for Beginners

This is a great free piano lessons site where you can learn all the keys in one day, as well as learn chord theory and other piano concepts.

4. Piano Mastery: Lessons in Piano

One of my favorite piano lessons, Piano Mastery has a great sound. All the lessons are recorded, so you can listen at your leisure.

Which course do you prefer? If you can only choose three, vote for your favorite.



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