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How do I start learning a musical instrument?

How should I prepare for an instrument audition?

We have recently released our updated set of rules for our annual convention, the GDI Gathering. Please review these rules in detail.

The GMs need to consider two important, yet sometimes not obvious, factors:

What is their game experience?

Can we keep the action moving and make the game fun?


Beginner Piano Music for Kids -- Printable Free Sheet Music
The ruleset will be fairly standard D&D with a few exceptions. In particular, we’re interested in the following:

No “one shot events.” One-shot events are used for situations where you need to do something immediately in order to advance the plot. These are most often seen in books and movies, such as “Hannibal” and “A Clockwork Orange.” They can also be used if you think it will create excitement or suspense. In this case, the player will get a chance to do something that’s unexpected.

No “kill all evil characters” events. Kill all evil characters is when you’re on a mission where you need to kill everybody to move forward. A murder mystery might allow this, but in general you should avoid doing it unless required by the plot development.

No “crisis encounters” (see above). Crisis encounters are typically more like a dungeon crawl. There are always two or more situations that need to be resolved which may require you to make a few moves. You don’t need to roll something for each of them, but each of them will result in an action roll. That is, you’ll need to roll for initiative, for initiative rounds, and for the round you’ll have to move to a crisis encounter.

If your players get confused, don’t take the blame. Most of them will have read some sort of rulebook. Most of them know how to use their character sheets. Your job as GM is not to explain a system which they don’t understand right off the bat. They need to learn, you are only as good as what the GM explains to them. However, the GM is responsible for knowing the rules and, if the player’s understanding is shaky, you should give an explanation which is clear, detailed, and easy to follow.

It’s not enough to have a good job, it’s not enough to have solid income, and it’s not enough to have a good standard of living. Our country must have a well-equipped educational system, where anyone

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