What is a good age to learn piano? – Learn To Read Piano Notes Free

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Most people do not learn to play piano until they are around 13 or 14. While learning to play with a child may be a good idea for some children, if a teenager is planning to embark on a career in music then it is advisable for them to concentrate firstly on their studies at school rather than the piano. The piano is not a suitable music instrument for young children as a child-student and a teenage pupil would not have enough time to play, therefore they might be best off learning to play the acoustic piano (also known as an electronic keyboard) instead of the piano, but if you are having a child listen to some good music, a good singer or even a video game music to get his or her feet wet before starting work on his or her piano playing. If playing music for your child is something which interests you, then there is no need to worry.

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