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There are a lot of differences between a child and an adult with musical ability. It’s not necessary to reach the highest level in the piano to be able to play an instrument that you play. Children don’t reach a level of skill until they have been allowed to exercise their own ability and develop their own musical and cognitive skills. That will happen eventually — as they will have an opportunity to play independently. By a certain age, however, most children may be able to play in a piano class or a group.

It is also common for children to move on to instruments in their late teens and early twenties and to become professional musicians at around that time. It may not be necessary for you to start the piano practice as soon as you’re able to do it.

What is an appropriate age for an adult to learn piano?

There are three key points to consider when you’re thinking about the proper age to learn to play the piano. First, while the human brain is not fully developed until you are a teenager or a young adult, it can often help to have a child who is in your own household who is just beginning to play the piano.

Second, in order to learn the piano well and stay on-track, it’s important to play for a long period of time (three to six years). Even though you may play much better when you’re young, it’s a mistake to keep playing as a means of maintaining your skills instead of working at mastering how to play. After you’ve moved on to a slightly different skill set (for example, learning how to read music) you would have to begin playing regularly to strengthen your skills and stay on-track. When you get older, you should probably quit playing as well to let your brain develop.

Last, it’s important to consider what an adult can actually do. If you’re someone with strong emotional control like yourself, it’s important to keep playing even after your own child has passed the age to be able to play. It will save time for you, and you don’t want to lose your musical ability that way.

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