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What if I want to continue to play an instrument or have any questions about my instrument?

What are the different instruments you play and can you name any examples of each?

Where can I find information about other musicians learning instruments of your type? Do you think other musicians are interested in learning instruments like you, and if so, what are their learning profiles?

If you play only certain instruments, why do you have so many different types?

Which instruments are your favorite to play, and why?

Why should I learn to play?

Which instruments are a great way for me to get out and play or perform with others?

Do you really play any instruments other than those below? What about your other influences?

What do you feel is the best type of learning?

Where might I take classes?

What do you think about online courses?

If I do choose to continue my playing, what type should I learn?

How do I start?

Some other questions you might want to consider?

We’ll answer most of these questions for you! We can offer you a personal coach and support to help make sure you continue to learn and develop throughout your training.

How can I start learning?

We will look at your current approach to learning and develop a tailored program to help you on your path to learning. In order to be successful you must make your own progress, whether that means going without a teacher or learning on your own.

Where can I get support?

Whether you are learning solo or with others, you are sure to come away with the most informed and effective learning experience possible. A combination of the best resources found online is always an option, so it is up to you what you choose to use. Our learning teams will be in touch with you through email.

What instrument will I learn?

We will look at your existing instrument and provide you with a specific instrument of your choice. We will also help you choose a beginner program. While many people find that instrument learning is difficult, if you are able to learn the instrument on your own you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll get at the instrument over time.

Which instruments should I learn to play?

We want to hear what you think about your answer! If the answer is yes, then this will be a great beginning program for you.

What instrument do I like to learn to play

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