What are the black keys on a piano? – Keyboard To Learn Piano

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Well, they’re just a tool made of wood that allows you to produce a certain sound when you press them down. In the case of the black keys on the piano, you can’t actually hear the sound coming out of the piano; they’re just a gimmick to allow you to play. However, with the Black Keys on the Piano you know you do hear the sound but you haven’t actually hit it. Once you do, the sound sounds as if the piano has kicked out the sound which is the only way the piano could possibly produce the sound. (Yes, Black Keys can be played with the fingers.)

It’s important to note that all black keys have the same notes and pitch, this is because black notes are the “black note” of the piano. But, to get you started, here are a few variations of notes and pitches you can play on the Black Keys, that will help you out.

The Red and Pink

The red and pink keys on the piano are both the “Red note” of the piano. As the name indicates, they are red, but have a pink color on them. The piano notes on these keys are more like the notes you’d hear when playing on a black key, but not quite. The Pink notes on the Piano are more of a melodic, rather than a “heavy” sound, and are a more interesting option for learning them as there aren’t as many options with them.

Pink note (red)

The Pink note also makes an appearance on the Black Keys. It’s the same color as the other black keys on the piano, and the other keys on the piano have the same red notes all have pink notes. Therefore, these Black keys will only work with white music.

Strobel Keys

These two keys are known as the blue keys because they have a blue coloring on them. They have a tone sound that is slightly higher than the Red and Pink Keys, however, they aren’t really that difficult to play, since they are quite common.


The key that actually does come from the woods. The Climbing Key is the key that sits between the Piano’s black keys and the White keys, meaning you have to be able to press it and lift your finger off the black keys.

Climbing key (blue)

The Climbing key gives you the ability to scale the piano, but that’s not its true ability. To scale, you

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