Should I learn piano or guitar first? – Learn To Play Piano Chords Free

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If you know you want to become a bass player or composer – then the first step is to learn the fundamentals of how to play. The best guitar teacher teaches you to play the guitar, and you learn the theory of playing music. But if you don’t want to learn guitar the old-fashioned way and you want to make music, you would like to learn the piano, then you should just start playing some tunes on the piano.

Once the piano skills have been mastered, you should try out some music on other instruments such as the drums, flute, or other string instruments. You can work on mastering some of the fundamental movements and rhythm of playing on those instruments before working on your songs on the piano.

But in case you have no choice in the matter, learning one of the most popular music genres, as you do, is the recommended next step. After mastering the piano, you only need to know a few chords, a few techniques of playing a few tunes, and a few chords with other instruments or melodies to compose music.

How long should I practice with the piano?

Once you begin practicing with the piano, you ought to play for between 30 and 60 minutes per day per person. This can be practiced alone, with a friend, a couple of times a month – or simply as many times as you need.

You can practice all the time until you make up your mind to stop practicing, or you can practice at least 1-2 hours per day. You must first start learning the important elements first – then you can play without hesitation.

Can I learn the piano without any music playing experience?

To be able to play the piano, you still need to be able to play several tunes – without skipping notes, and you need a wide repertoire in order to play with confidence. But you don’t have to be a very good pianist, or even a good pianist in general, to practice with the piano. In the beginning you must learn everything just to play a decent tune, or a solo-piece. You can practice as often as you want until you can play many tunes – one way or another – without skipping notes or skipping songs.
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In the best case when you want to write song lyrics or even music for another artist, you will require a larger repertoire in order to play music with them.

How long should I practice my piano skills if you teach you as piano players first?

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