Is piano the hardest instrument to play? – Piano Keyboard Techniques

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It used to be. In the 80’s and 90’s, that was the only one that was a real challenge. Piano is such a natural tool to use that it’s not hard to play. If you’ve played piano for any length, if you’ve learned to play the parts that are important, the scales, and it’s comfortable, then it just kind of comes naturally as well. But with some people it definitely comes naturally. Even I do it a little bit on the radio. You can hear me play it and he comes right up to the plate.

Are there any lessons that you’ve learned along the way that you can pass on to people who want to pick up piano?

One thing I’ve learned along the way that I think I owe to all those guys that I was able to play with is to learn to be really honest with yourself about what you listen to. There are a lot of songs that have that big hit, and you’re looking for the songs that have that big hit, and not listening to anything else. It can be very distracting really.

What are some of the biggest things that you’ve learned while playing for other band members?

A lot of them listen to country music. A lot of them listen to country because of Willie Nelson, they listen to it with a country band. They listen to it to help, but when it’s the kind of country that they like best, they listen to it for the music, not for the song. You know, there are some other songs that are great, but country music makes sure they hear those songs. The country can be funny, but it can also be dark, so they have to find a balance and that’s something that we’ve learned to do.

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever done onstage?

We’ve actually done a lot of funny stuff. There’s a lot of people that are going to say it. I was working at a hotel somewhere, and I got to go to somebody’s room and I opened the door and went to her, and we actually did it a little bit. It was a little bit silly, and at the time it wasn’t really a big deal. I haven’t really done anything more ridiculous. But there are a few that kind of make sense. I did one where we did a little bit of dancing on stage. It was a fun one, actually. The one in Europe that we played in was actually quite a bit more serious

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