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I think piano in general, and it’s something that I enjoy the greatest, it’s just the instrument that has the biggest potential of bringing people closer together. I actually like the fact that it’s not a standard instrument that we have that we use.

And so do we even need the rules or the rules of music?

Well, music I think is more about rules and rules and some laws, and that it’s really about making everyone get a bit emotional when you play a piece of music. We want everyone to feel what it is the listener is feeling. I think that’s the same in all music, but it’s about having people feel that they’re being touched. I think it’s also really important to be able to play music and make people feel something. That’s the real purpose of playing music, really.

In our work for A.I.M. we get a lot of really interesting questions about what does the human brain do that allows humans to create music. How could I do a voice synthesizer and not necessarily have a person, an orchestra, or a band of human beings be playing music?

So I would suggest that, yes, the human brain does play a role in making music.

But do we need to create music for the human brain? For people who are going to think, feel, and feel things?

Yes we do! We need music for us to get in the zone. Music creates that zone. It changes everything in our life. And so if you hear something that changes your mind or your mood or your experience, it’s better than nothing. If you hear something that makes you want to go down and put on a performance and be a part of whatever the performance is, it’s better than nothing either. We need music for us to interact with each other.

So we are the brain with the best instrument so far, but we are also the mind. So we are the music!

Interview with Alex Lifeson by Scott Maclachlan

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