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My brother, a professor of physics, had done some research on some of these acoustic phenomena related to the piano. When I saw him talking about this, I was immediately intrigued by these phenomena. You have the same acoustic properties with the violin, violin, and violas, so you cannot use the violin to tune the piano, except for the violin and violas.

How did the string get attached to the piano, or how was that?

It was very simple. It was basically the string of the violin, and the string of the piano, which had to be attached to a certain area in the middle of the piano frame, to be safe. In this instance I think it might have been just outside the back wall, so that the string would stop falling on the floor as it rolls, etc.

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Was that a special kind of string?

Nope, the strings that I worked with were ordinary strings, with a little extra that got stuck on some places.

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