How much is a basic piano? – How To Learn Piano Keys On A Baldwin

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With just a little bit of practice, anybody can get it down to just a beginner’s tool or so.

“They really like this simple little tool and can then pick it up and move on and find it very easily.”

Barely 10 years after buying his first piano, Brian started playing with the more advanced Steinway. Soon he had an appreciation for the more “musical” qualities in a piano.

The piano that Brian uses today.

He explains: “It’s just a way more musical piece now. It’s got more of an emphasis on the rhythm and timing and that’s what he’s interested in.”

This wasn’t Brian’s first piano.

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“I used to have a Steinway from my high school,” Brian explains. “That was more in the beginning just for fun at the time when I wasn’t very good with the piano yet but had developed a nice enough rhythm.

“That’s what I use now as well – I’ve just learned how to learn more and more on this instrument. I’m doing the same thing I did with my Steinway from high school, playing all over as I like to, while keeping up with new music that’s coming out.”

This might be a beginner’s instrument so why should you be worried about mastering it?

“There’s something about being able to play this one thing that you can play a hundred different ways,” Brian says.

“If we could just concentrate on what makes it so special and you can really pick it up and move on and find it very easily. That’s it, there’s no need to learn a ton of it you’re going to never use. What’s the reason for that?

“The reason for that is it’s like any instrument…it really just has to stay the same, have good sound and not be too expensive.”

That’s pretty much it for Brian’s piano.

He likes to say that the key to his piano is:

“Keeping it simple; not too complicated, just the right amount of things that can be adjusted to do what you want it to do.”

Bryan Lee O’Hara of O’Hara Music in Phoenix, Arizona started playing the piano by age six. He says the piano gave him a taste of his future.

“It gave me a little bit of confidence as a kid. It made me interested in music,” says O’Hara

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