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30 minutes is about what I would expect to learn in a standard piano lesson which is about 40 minutes or so.

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What are the costs for a 30 minute piano lesson?

A 30 minute piano lesson will typically cost you around £10-£12.

A standard piano lesson typically costs around £15-£20.

Are these things that I can afford?

When I was a student learning to play, I was often surprised at the cost of learning. When I thought I could just pay my £100 a week student fees to get an hour of piano lessons, I was surprised to find that the piano lessons only ran at around 50% of weekly fee for the whole week. It was very often a complete bust over this. However, I quickly learned to recognise that if I can afford to, then that means I am likely to not have a huge amount of difficulty learning piano and at the very least I need to pay for a good number of hours.

There are things that I can afford as well:

One of the things you have going for you are your parents. They do pay for you to learn piano. They always have some spare cash in the bank so you need to do some research to find out what kind of rates you can get (it is hard to find in the UK)

Your time is important in learning music. Do not be afraid to call in a few friends to help if they can help. A few friends do help you learn and you won’t find that out unless you do research and ask around.

Do it a little at a time and it might be harder, but you will get a good idea of what is involved.

It is worth mentioning that if you have the money it can be very helpful to take lessons from another pianist or teacher. You do need a good teacher if you want to learn music from another pianist to do it properly.

If you find there aren’t any pianist or teachers you like it may be worth finding one and asking them if they have some lessons they can teach. You probably can’t get a decent one to teach you.

Another thing that many piano students have is that you may have to pay up front. It may be cheaper to pay up front and wait and see how things go, but many times it is worth it because your parents or teacher may have some bad experience (from poor performance and bad conduct) or that you could get a better pian

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