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Flowkey is a free program. To learn Flowkey, visit

How much does Flowkey cost?

Flowkey is free software. Your usage of the software is completely optional and unencumbered. Our code is open source, free to use and modified as you see fit.

To learn more about Flowkey’s terms and regulations, see our terms and conditions.


Why does Flowkey have a privacy policy?

Flowkey does not own user data. A Privacy Policy describes Flowkey’s privacy practices.

How do I cancel using Flowkey?

If you want to cancel Flowkey, see the Cancel Flowkey section at

Why is Flowkey restricted to certain countries?

Flowkey is hosted in a US-based data center, so we do not support users operating in countries with no access to the Internet. In addition, if you install Flowkey in countries like China or Russia, we cannot guarantee your ability to use the Flowkey software in those countries.

I have a question that is not answered below.

If you have a question that is not answered below, use the feedback feature at to let us know. We will respond as soon as possible.

I was unable to configure the Flowkey extension. What else must I do to use it?

Visit if you’re unsure what Flowkey needs to do.

What accounts or devices does Flowkey support?

Flowkey works seamlessly online and offline for all device types. If you only use your computer to sync Flowkey to your Facebook, Google, Dropbox, or iCloud accounts, you should switch to a cloud-based Sync client for all apps, not solely Flowkey. However, if you sync Flowkey across all your accounts, it becomes more secure.

Please see for more information about sync and access management. If you use Flowkey in a corporate environment, you should set Flowkey’s credentials (like username and password) into your domain. For more information, see

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