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For new musicians who are in a learning phase, we generally recommend that they build up a keyboard without a piano at this point in their learning. They will start from the basic keys, move to more advanced strings and then the whole orchestra. A beginner can start this method with just their keyboard with the possibility of adding a finger or a piano at any time with good practice.

Is learning a new instrument too hard?

The basic piano playing has an extremely intuitive feel that is so rewarding for the beginner to learn. It is a joy to explore and learn new things and has a fun learning curve. We would suggest that any beginner not start learning right away, but for more experienced musicians to take things slowly or just pick something at a time for each practice session will allow for great learning benefit.

After a long time has passed you’ll reach the beginner’s stage and would still recommend a beginner’s method to the student because it’s the most enjoyable stage of playing on a keyboard.

What do you think are the best keys for piano playing?

Below are some good options and you should experiment to find something you like. The best solution will depend primarily on the size/material/shape.

The Bb – There are so many different possible ways to play the Bb as it has different keys as well as a great finger placement. There’s so much that we recommend experimenting. Just make certain you’ve mastered it before you go on to the next keyboard to explore.

Bb-E – Another great keyboard and has an even better finger placement and a very forgiving surface for your hands.

C# – Very similar to the Bb but with a flat surface to the finger.

D# – The D# keyboard is also flat, but there can be a more “flexible” finger placement.

F# – The F# is even more flexible with plenty of space and an even flat surface to your finger as well.

A# – The A# keyboard has an extra flexible finger placement that can be adjusted from its flat surface over to an open and smooth surface.


It’s all about experimenting. Some players love the simplicity and others prefer the more complex sound. Don’t force any one option over the other though. Experiment at your own pace and you should be good.

How important is touch in making a good sound?

When playing on the piano you have great options for touch. There

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