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The answer to a related question is “many”.

When I started playing with the keyboard I was told that you never want to play too fast.

But I quickly discovered that that is not true.

And if you are the one that is playing the music slowly at the beginning you are probably getting too many notes for the music you are trying to play.

But you just have to slow down again!

Here’s some sample keys:

Play slow and steady —

And play fast and loose —

It’s really not that hard.

If you work as a piano teacher (like I do), you will find that many piano students just cannot pick up a speed keyboard.

But there is a reason for that —

A lot of piano students tend to work very hard at very slow keyboards.

If you are one of those students, here are some very simple exercises that will get you faster.

How fast can you play the keys?

First, think of all of the keys on the keyboard (on the left side of the diagram).

All of these keys are different on the piano. And the key numbers here (1-7) are the key numbers on the piano piano. So take the following example (not the same keys):

How many steps can you take to play these keys, one by one? I’m gonna give you a number to think about. How many steps can you take to play the same key in a certain order?

Just think about it for a second.

How many steps can you get at a particular key from these steps?

Blue 13 Keys Note Melodica Mouth Organ Portable Wind Piano ...
This is easy to do.

If you can figure out how many steps in a given sequence of keys you can add up to, you’ll have found out how fast you can play those keys.

The next step here is to figure out how fast the entire sequence of keys can be memorised, one after the other.

If you are like most beginners, you get pretty fast at the speed keyboard, but as you progress you start to lose the feel of what each key is like at that speed. For example, with the key of F, you should memorise the following sequence:



D# (you can do the same with the other keys). The more you learn, the faster you will memorise these key sequences.


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