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What are the key factors to successful learning piano?

First, there is no “right” amount of hours to learn. This is based on several factors, including personal preference (one of the most important factors); time limits set forth by teachers and other educators; and music availability, which may include piano teacher training but also the development of listening skills and other musical interests as a whole.
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The ideal amount of music to learn in one session can vary greatly. In a recent article in Guitar World, a piano teacher named Mark Brouwer explains that he has found that a two-to-four-hour session would give a very good idea of one’s ability to learn and play the piano. For example, he has reported that he has had an average of just over two hours music per day since he began teaching in 2002.

Another important factor in learning the piano is practice time. To develop an effective learning program, you must invest enough time in doing regular practice sessions so that you can develop your skills at the piano. Brouwer, who has a very rigorous schedule that requires him to sit for hours and hours at a time, says that he has to invest at least one full day every week in playing and practicing the piano.

This means that you will either need to spend three to five hours per day (or more) practicing each day, or you will have to devote a day in the week to doing less than half an hour of practicing. This is where the most efficient type of piano practice time can be spent. In his article, Brouwer goes on to say that practicing “three to five hours per day” (or more) can improve “the quality of our working memory, which would allow us to memorise large and complex musical pieces and to be able to play them quickly and with precision”.

The amount of time you spend actually practicing at any one time is also important. Many of the skills that are developed through deliberate practice over a period of time are then not possible to develop in an hour, or even a few hours. The other thing you will want to be aware of is how you “feel”, or how much you enjoy doing different activities. The easiest way to know how much you enjoy a particular activity, is to listen to some of the piano teacher or piano partner’s soloing and practice a few of the pieces that they are trying to learn. If you do not enjoy them very much, you likely will not enjoy anything else they want to do. Once

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