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“I play it very differently than that”.

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Do you still practice regularly without the instrument? “I practice on my own, but with my girlfriend when I can”.

Do you ever think of your music when you’re sad? “It’s like when you’re going through a difficult moment and don’t have the energy and you think ‘ah I’m having a bad day’ or I’m having an easy day? Then I think ‘oh I really should try this instrument that I’ve never played in my life’. For the most part, when I’m like that and I don’t have a piano in my hands, it makes things that much more difficult.”

Is there anything that you want to say to your mother? “That she’s a very tough mother, and I love her very much. A lot of the children who know about the story of my piano have asked for help making violin and now I’m making violins! But I still don’t really have a girlfriend.”

How do you like to spend your Sundays? “Sometimes I go to the movies, other times I spend it cooking for my family, or playing violin. I get so many requests for violin and cello now! But I really do enjoy music, and I’ve got lots of interest in music now – the piano, of course,” he laughs.

Do you like to travel or relax? “When I want to get away, that’s when I travel, I’d rather do it in this world than in the other one”

Do you play your cello? “I actually did the first video where I play my cello with the cello being my cello, and I had no idea who was playing. That was the first video, I had no idea whether it was me or someone else. But it was me playing the cello – so it turns out I was the cello in it. And it was really fun and that’s how I spent the most of my time. I was in New York playing a lot during the festival. I wasn’t able to have much fun.”

Does your girlfriend do anything for you when you need help? “She helped me for some things, I actually learned some chords when I first picked up the piano because she was looking at what I was doing in an office.”

Do you have any secrets with cello and piano? “I have lots of secrets, I have to confess. Like the secret to playing on the right beat when

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