How do you memorize a piano? – Learn Piano Chords And Progressions

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I have. I have memorized the keys. I know them by heart. It’s something I’ve been striving to do for years.

“I’m a pianist. When I sit at a piano, I get nervous. I don’t know the keys.”

Do you even have the guts to try anything?

“Yes. But I don’t like it! I’m never a beginner.”

Have you ever been to the piano or practiced on it?

“No! Never!”
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How many hours per week do you play piano and how many hours per week do you read?

“Every day; 6.5 hours! No, don’t get me wrong. I like to learn something new.”

Have you ever watched a film?

“Yes! Even the ones I was never a part of.”

Have you seen any other type of art?

“Yes! We have the same passion.”

Your daughter is now two years of age. She has grown up with you two. What would you say was the single biggest difference?

“Well, I’m glad she doesn’t have a mom.”

Did you expect her to grow up to be the same way that your mother was?

“No! We didn’t know it would be like this.”

Do you think your own daughter would be happy with herself if she hadn’t been raised by you?

“I did not expect it to be like this. I always thought I would be a successful artist.”

And she is?

“Her artistic talent is beyond my imagination. I couldn’t do that with her. She has so much more to offer.”

You have been married for four years to your first wife, a wonderful person. How do you stay connected and how many phone calls do you make to her?

“There’s no need for phone calls. No one calls me. She has three children. We try to stay as close as we can.”

A lot of people would think that if you didn’t have a girlfriend, you wouldn’t be getting married.

“We have a very nice relationship. I’m glad it works out.”

A lot of people would think that being married is not worth it and you don’t see why it’s important?

“Well, no one is ever going to say that. If someone says that to a person of my

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