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Why don’t you play it, you stupid idiot?” — Dr. Zoidberg[src]

Dr. Zoidberg was a robot who could play and compose music. This also included composing and arranging songs, including some that featured him. His piano was in the same case as that of the rest of the toys, which featured a black background, a white frame and the letters FRC, which appeared as “f.” The title card on his piano featured words in red. Although he played the song, Zorch wasn’t actually playing piano. Instead, he was just making notes on his piano keyboard like a human, though he had only written one part of the song (“What Is This Thing?”) before he was defeated by the Baby P.E.K.K.A. at the end of his “Music in the Attic.”

Dr. Zoidberg was named after Dr. Zark Quattropoulos, a psychologist who first introduced piano to children. Dr. Zoidberg was a popular show in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with Zorch’s performance being dubbed as one of the “Best Songs of All Time.” During his life, he was constantly fighting a disease named Xenocide, which caused his body to age while he remained young and cute. He lost his left leg at the start of Season 2.


The next stop, they say, is the House Judiciary Committee, which is where we are sitting.

This week, Democratic members of the investigative subcommittee in the House Judiciary Committee are preparing a report detailing the FBI’s decision-making process for the Clinton email case, according to an official familiar with the negotiations with committee members.

In April, Comey began to explore the matter with congressional investigators, but then again in July and at this most recent meeting. In each case, committee members were briefed about the new details.

“This is the most extraordinary instance of presidential interference in this matter,” said Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., a member of the panel. “The FBI director is on record saying this is not an investigation he’s involved with, but this is in the hands of special counsel Robert Mueller.”

At the June 2 hearing, Lynch and the attorney general gave assurances to congress that no decision had been made about a future referral to the Justice Department to handle any further investigations.

Last month, the Justice Department announced that it would not pursue a criminal case against Clinton for her use

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