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If you’re not already practicing, then just practice until you can practice without hitting your hands.

For most people, it will take 2 – 6 weeks to develop a sufficient familiarity with your piano, and even longer to learn how to play well.

I personally tend to follow the 10-day-a-week route. (The theory and practice are the same).

10 days a week to build your piano – that’s it.

You’re probably wondering why I suggest this.

Well, I think the more I use my piano the more I learn it, which in turn means I know it better.

When you know a piece of music, you can play it much better than your friends and at times may even be a lot worse.

I know a lot of pros who can play much better than I can.

As you develop your first piano, keep practicing what you have mastered, and do your best to add even more pieces of music in your repertoire.

What Should I Practice with My Piano?

This is a tricky question, and it requires thinking outside of a piano.

Some people say “practice on a guitar” or “practice on a synthesizer”.

I’m not really sure what this means!

I don’t use a keyboard very often, so it probably isn’t very important for me to have something in my piano so close to me.

If you play it at home though, there are a few things you can help yourself with.

1) Just Practice!

Don’t be intimidated by a soloist playing a solo that you are not familiar with.

It may actually be much easier (and much more fun!) to play the solo, and then you can practice that, and then the solo, and then the solo.

Practice the solo, and try to get to a point where you can get through it, at least once a day.

This is why I recommend to only practice three or four pieces at a time.

I have found that playing a three note solo can take you just as much time as learning all nine notes of the C major scale.

E-Piano Test Classic Cantabile DP400 von Wolfgang - YouTube
So the three-note solo will probably take you about 4 – 6 hours.

It will just take longer than the nine notes of the scale… and you will have already practiced the solo three or four times!

Plus you will have learned quite a lot from

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