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Start by learning the key signatures of each key on the piano. (For example, C – C major, D – D major, E – E melodic minor, F – F major, G – G melodic minor, A – A major, B – B major, C – C minor, D – D major, E – E melodic minor).

Your goal after this process is to play a particular piece in the key you just learned. As noted above, this goal, unlike the “learning the keys” or “learning a specific melody” goal, is an all-or-nothing affair. By making small adjustments to the scale, or the key signature used to play the song, you will gradually progress toward learning the rest of the pieces in the set, and eventually reach the end of the scale without ever having played the entire tune.

How do I get a new piano?

You’ll find information about getting a used or refurbished piano on the piano website of the manufacturer you choose.

Can I buy used instruments online?

Yes, as long as you don’t buy with the intent to resell your new piano or recital, you can purchase used pianos online from the major suppliers listed above. Your purchase is not tied to a particular manufacturer; use any other manufacturer you choose for any piece you want to learn or any parts of the tune you want to learn.

Can I teach my own recital?

Yes. You’ll find a list of major concert choirs and major symphonic and choral music and other major venues for lessons on the websites under the “Courses” or “Classes” sections of the piano website. Check these before enrolling.

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