How difficult is playing piano? – Learn Piano Hindi

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My grandmother told me a long time ago that the hardest moment was when you put your thumb under the keys of the piano and didn’t find it at all. To be honest, I don’t know whether my thumb is that big. It’s one of the largest fingers in my hand. When you’re playing the piano and have a difficult time with a chord in the chorale, your hand can take some abuse. However, the biggest damage occurs when you’re doing an exercise where you’re doing one major chord after another all at once, all the way through a long passage.

You have to concentrate as well. Your hands have to be ready to do all the work. There are so many other factors that influence hand strength. When you’re not playing, you have to be a little bit tired. If you’re tired before you begin a course or even when you’re not playing, your hands won’t be as strong as they need to be. However, when you’re at work, you want your fingers to work as well as possible. If you find that the pressure is building up in your fingers then a muscle can’t function properly, and you have pain in your hands for days after. I’ve done exercises where you play the piano while holding a baton, or do other exercises that require you to use your fingers. If you haven’t done this yet, I recommend you give it a try.

The only real difference from using a baton and finger tips is that in baton-like exercises you’ll be practicing to a slow tempo or a tempo that you’re used to playing. The way I can do the baton exercise is to do it at the same speed I normally play. I also use a baton, which is used mostly in gymnastics. If you don’t have a baton, you can try doing it as easily holding your fingers to the piano keys. A good practice pattern for that is to use two pieces of wire of the same diameter with one of them being shorter and the other being longer than the one holding your fingers. With such a training schedule you can perform the baton exercise as many times an hour as you wish.

The other issue is that all the piano keys are different, which allows the fingers to get mixed up. Your finger tips could be on one key or on another, and your forefinger may already be moving from one place to another. If this happens, the more you move the more you can develop muscle strength. Your

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