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It depends. Some people are willing to pay to learn piano, but they don’t know which specific instruments are available. Learning piano has a great deal to do with the person you’re playing it to, not a program. There are some programs which aim to teach learning the piano to non-musicians, such as a course offered by The National Conservatory, which features lessons in many genres.

And then there are websites which are free to learn piano, such as The Piano School of America’s website. It seems to be the only one that offers basic lessons, like basic notes at any speed and a basic vocabulary for the keys. But don’t look as far as the price. Some beginner classes cost only $10, some $150. So if you’re willing to spend at least $100 and are willing to invest some time, it’s definitely worth starting this lesson.

Is it possible to learn a tonic scale through piano?

Yes! Piano music starts with the tonic scale, which is usually referred to as the C major scale, which is an octave scale, meaning it reaches 2nds and 3rds of the major scale, but also includes a few more notes within it. The major scale is typically found when starting out, since it tends to teach us the most about scales, but you can use any scale you might enjoy. Here are some more helpful scales to learn for this lesson:

You might have noticed that these scales don’t all contain the same notes throughout. Since the keys are so different, there are many more sounds to explore within each of them, and more ways to play the chords within them.

The basic scale is the most commonly used scale to learn. You’ll learn how to play the C major scale using a piano.

The C Major Scale – (C, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C# Minor/Minor 7th Scales)

The C Major Scale

Below are two tabs with notes from the C Major scale.

The chords to playing the C Major Scale

These chords start with the notes E, D and F.

The C Minor Scale – (C, C,D,E,F#,G,A,B,C# Minor/Minor 6th Scales)

The C Minor Scale

The F# Minor Scale

The C# Minor Scale (The most common chord)

The C

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