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If you’re a student of music in Japan, then it takes some time before you get the hang of all of the piano playing that’s performed on the radio there. If you don’t have a high school diploma, you must pay for lessons in the area where you live. But if you study for more than a year at a time, then you have to spend a long and costly time going around to different schools and listening to their programmes. A teacher with two decades experience could easily teach you to play piano by watching you play.

How can I get better at piano?
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You need to be a good player to actually get professional pianists to record and play you their playing. This means that if you’ve never played piano before, then you need to practise on a piece of wood and learn how to play on the keyboard. You can start by playing on music sheets that teachers hand out and practice that piece for a while. If you really want a playing career, then you need to be able to play your own work, otherwise there is no value in having a piano teacher.

After that, you might be able to learn what you can from a professional pianist. The good news is that it has usually been your mother, as well as a close friend, who has trained you to play the piano. It has also been the teacher’s mother who taught you how to sing.

So I’m a professional pianist. How can I get more music?

If you’re getting some music from your family members, then you can play it on the guitar as well as on piano. In Japan, it is not legal to buy and sell recordings of music without permission as of 2006. So, before you start selling your music, check with your family member to see what permission you need in order to sell your recordings.

What’s music?

Music is music made by people making music. So if you’ve never started, or even played music yourself before, then you probably will never get to the really good level to be doing music that has a very strong artistic impact on the people listening and liking it so you want to publish your music.

So how do you learn the piano?

In order to learn the piano properly, you need to practice it often in a setting where you don’t want to get bored. You can get piano lessons at any music conservatory in Japan and then take a course that teaches you the piano, or practice by yourself on

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