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No. I learned my skills from music. I always play my instrument, but I learned that I did not learn a ton from learning piano, but from my ability to play instruments: a violin, a harp, etc. So I wanted to focus on learning the most essential elements of my instrument, not a few or a handful of other instruments in the world. My piano playing is the result of years of playing, learning, developing, and improving, starting from the day I started my first professional lessons. In a sense, it was a natural process. I am still improving, and will only get better.

As you say, that’s also the reason why learning piano is so important. You can only improve your own skills and not a musical piece.

That’s also what makes playing piano so beautiful. You can never get better with practice, but you can improve anything you can, at any time. In fact, learning to improvise can become your “play in the moment” technique.

How did you learn the most essential parts of your instrument?
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I don’t believe that a beginner should be learning the most essential parts of their instrument – it’s about the quality of their performance. At the same time, it’s very important that you master this skill and improve your skills, too, which is why I learned a lot of different kinds of music. As a matter of fact, most, if not all, of my new music, that I wrote and recorded myself, is improvised, which means there’s not really one “proper” way to play it. It’s a combination of all the different types of music that I am really passionate about, as well as different improvising techniques.

A lot of musicians today focus on the most popular tunes and try to make all their performance “sound good” by learning the most popular chords, the most popular melodies, playing those chords, and so on.

I always wanted to develop an approach that is not strictly “popular”. I think that’s much more interesting and inspiring anyway, that you can express yourself through different styles.

I personally tend to focus on the essential parts of my instrument, since I like those parts so much. I know that in fact, when you start playing something, if you don’t know the important chords you’re playing them in, then it may sound good, in the beginning, but in your playing you may be making the most mistake. If you don’t know the chords,

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