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It depends on what you’re trying to do.

Some people might have to learn to play with a keyboard to practice their playing, while others may be required only to practice on the piano and/or with an instrument of their choice.

For many people, piano is enough. With piano as the foundation, learning chords, scales, or chords for songs or jazz music could be next. Most people will enjoy learning one instrument but will never get to the point of playing another.

For those with learning disabilities, piano might be a bridge too far. For people with hearing loss, the piano might be a stepping stone towards acquiring a second hearing type ear. If your hearing loss and other impairments makes learning a piano more difficult (and not enough people play it), piano might be a bridge too far for you.

Learning to play with other music lovers is an important part of music appreciation. With great musicianship are great stories, which bring our ears and hearts together through music.

By Dr. Mercola
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