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This question is probably not a legitimate one. I have an opinion here. I think that it is a bit of a waste to spend more time learning piano for one who does not actually need to learn much more. Yes, there is potential benefit but it does only make the practice of piano feel more like work.

What are the major differences between solo piano and the main piano parts?

There are two main differences which relate to solo piano. One of them is which keys you will hit to get to the “major” key. Solo pianist typically need to know the main part in order to play it. If you are a pianist with a more flexible temperament, there is often a way to switch on the main part without having to touch any keys. There are also two other big differences.

Difference in keystrokes:

One is a simple fact. When you play a solo piano note (major or minor) its shape is different. It is a triangle, a V or 3. The keys can’t fit into the same square and so they get different shape.

This is only an elementary point. This is also also the reason it takes longer to learn piano without knowing what the key is. I think that this difference is not as big as people say. My theory is that the reason it takes longer is because our brains think of a piano as a different shape just like a human has different shapes of organs. So there is much more going on. There is not so much point.

Difference in tone:

The difference is more in our minds about the difference. I mean, the keystrokes and tone are related. But the tone of a part and its shape determines the scale of the keystrokes.

So, there is more going on. If you need more time without knowing the key, then you have to get to know how keystrokes can change the tone of a part. In this area of the topic, there is so much discussion that you will need the time yourself. You can try a lesson which will get you to know what I am talking about.

This is just a small point. What I am saying I think is that you need to look at the part and think about how it will fit into the new shape you are trying to create. The keystrokes and pitch can never be “in-sync”. The more you study this subject the better you will be.

That concludes the lesson on key

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