Can you skip grades in piano? – Learn To Play Piano Free Sheet Music

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Yes. A good pianist can. I teach it in the evenings, and I’m not a grade-school teacher. But this works for you. I want you to be able to find yourself when you’re going to piano recitals.

How does a beginner learn to play piano?

It’s a very similar process to learning to read. You just follow the instructions step by step. When I tell people how I use the techniques I use for piano recitals they say, “Oh, I wish I started playing piano a long time ago.” The truth is, you can still start playing right now. There’s no need to have any special equipment or a tutoring service.

So there you have it. The tips for those who want to start playing their piano today…

The techniques I teach will help you not only go from beginner to pro in a short time, but will also give you an almost infinite skill set to apply to any other sport.

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