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I believe so, by studying music, if one takes a music theory course one can learn about the piano, and how to play the basic sounds or the melody of the piano. So that will be easy for you to learn, you can teach yourself the piano to make things easier for yourself, like if you have some music in the background, when you pick up the piano you can hear it, you can hear a little bit of it. And this could actually be used with learning music.

What are some songs that will help you to do that?

Some songs you can learn by just singing them, others you could use as a practice program, some of them will help you to practice by reading a particular song, you just pick up the music, and say, “Okay I want to hear this melody” and just start playing it, and you will automatically learn to play that sound, “That’s a melody…”

You can even learn how to play it by ear if you are trying to learn how to actually sing it.

How many hours do you have available per week for learning piano?

I would say about 50 hours every week is enough, I don’t recommend taking more hours than that, but I do recommend you to make sure if you need more hours that you can get them, you can pay someone to do it for you. That’s not that much, but if you don’t get that right, you might end up losing your fingers.

How can you learn piano, if you have no training?

When you don’t have training, you’re not really learning, you can only hear the piano, because there’s no other training, or your voice, or the way to listen to the music, this is why there’s no training with piano.

That’s why, when you play a piece for the first time, there’s no training because your ears have nothing to make you aware of your mistake, there’s no training. But if you practice the piece every day, then, as soon as you hear the mistake which you just made, then you get aware of it quickly, and that will make you want to hear that mistake again. And when this happens, then you’ll start doing more mistakes, because you will hear more mistakes.

How can practicing piano help with your mental problems?

Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, to be able to understand that you can’t just have a one-word

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