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Yeah. And, I think the only way to do both, in terms of music production and music production to programming, it’s just so hard that you’re looking at this huge number of steps, and, you know, the biggest challenge is, how do you just learn those things so you can apply it to the way that you’re programming your drums, or how you’re building your tracks, or even, with live sound, how can you really make the kind of changes that you need to make to a drum fill to really give that feeling of depth, so you can really have that whole feeling of depth and emotion from just adding that one sound?

Right. This question of learning so many different parts, or, really learning the technique of how to learn a lot of different parts, which is so hard for any individual in any one discipline.

Yeah. I think the biggest challenge… the way that I like to think about it is that, you know, if these things don’t work together and work in concert together, that doesn’t make sense. If you’re listening to the bass line, and the rhythm guitar are singing the same melody on a given beat, if you want those two parts to work together… then no, they’re not just going to mix together. Or maybe the melody part is going to play with the rhythm part, or it’s just going to be the same. It’s completely different parts. It might mean that it doesn’t work right.

And, you know, one of the things that I think… one of the things that I think that’s helped me a lot is the whole thing of “let’s think big”, or “let’s think small”, or if you like, you can… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, but, “let’s think big” if you’re into that term, “let’s think larger”, or “let’s think within our limitations”, and, you know, we can… I think it’s the main thing in developing a better system. I mean, it’s one thing to learn how to control the sound, or how to really have that one touch thing. It just helps to be able to know these things.

Yeah. I like to use the word “bigger”.


The more I do that, it feels the way that I just described it.

Yeah, it’s true. If you listen to something like, say, I Know You

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