Can I learn violin at 50? – Piano Lessons

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You’ve got a gift. It’s not the same thing you learn at 25. You need a real gift, and you need to have experience. I’m not saying that every violin player is going to have a gift for it, but it’s not like you can just get a violin and play violin immediately. Most people who give themselves their own instrument find out that it takes three or four years or five years to get to where you can play violin without any training. Then you go out and you have to learn something else. Then you make the journey back to the violin, and most people don’t finish. So they need a real gift. You should be able to have some knowledge and some feeling for a given instrument, even if you’re not playing it yet.

Do I have to get my own violin at age 50?

No, but there are many things that you have to learn before you are ready to get your own violin and start learning things like technique. Also things like playing the violin, understanding how it’s used and how to apply it correctly and then finding out how well you can handle the instrument.
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I already know how to play the violin, but can I also learn something else?

You can start with a small group of people who will help you. You can look for teachers online, or look for people who will show you in a way that you can feel connected to it. What I’ve done, if you’re an experienced musician or you’re willing to learn something new from somebody who doesn’t know it from scratch, that can be very helpful. When I was 17, I went off to Paris and started with the company of a violin player, for two or three years. We made the practice room together, and I was learning something, and it turned out that he showed me a lot of things and I had the confidence to go get my own stuff. When I got my own stuff, I went ahead and started learning something new.

How do I begin?

What do I do with myself and what kind of a relationship do I need? In a certain way you might need to start with people who give you their time and time is so valuable. And what are your goals? This will depend on a lot of things. I have one goal when I started learning the violin. I want to be able to play the violin in high school. I want to make the transition into the community. I want to have an ability to express my

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