Can I learn piano in 6 months? – Learn Piano Notes And Chords

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How long does it take to play piano?

It takes about 3 months at the latest.

Can i learn a piano concerto in a month?


When will I begin to memorize music?

Within a month.

Is it possible to practice for a few hours a day?


How long until I start paying attention to the notation?

1 week when you are learning to use the keyboard from reading music

Please note that I don’t know exactly when you will become proficient in the piano, nor do I know how many hours you will play every week.

My parents won’t let me study for piano in a month. What shall I do?

Please don’t try to practice on your own. Go to a music school, and learn from someone who will teach you how to play the piano.

What type of music am I supposed to read to know how to write music?

The following music is not really piano music: for instance, opera and dance songs.

Is it possible to learn music by ear?

Yes, but only if the music is played by a professional player. If you are learning on your own, or as a student, you can learn by listening to music on the radio or a tape recorder.

I do not know how to play piano. What must I do to become good?

To become good at playing piano, you must first be prepared to be challenged and be able to play with the same technique and tone as a professional (or any other player) who would ordinarily play the piano in your locality.

I am getting close to the age where I can practice playing piano and have to give up, what should I do?

It is generally easy to play piano at the age of seven, though a few children go on to learn it at the age of five; but if you are lucky enough to learn the piano while a child, you must gradually advance to it as you have the opportunity, since you will not get any practice and the technique of playing, which you are beginning to develop, will not be able to cope with the demands of the instrument at the rate of years of daily practice.

What should I know to play the piano as a beginner?

The piano is played very differently from the violin or any other instrument, therefore there is the following minimum and maximum amounts of knowledge

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