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How to make the perfect beer-pizza sandwich? We have the answers, plus: A primer on some of Seattle’s great craft brews and the newest additions to the growing beer scene.

The first time I ever saw a real piñata was at that summer concert at the Seattle Art Museum. It was probably the happiest moment of my life: a bunch of kids on a stage with one enormous piñata for a head. I didn’t realize what they were doing until that next day, after I’d left, and saw that there was a real life piñata being turned into an actual one. And a group of adults had been working there the whole time. What am I saying?

But back when I was 8 years old, I saw the world a bit differently. My mom let me participate in a summer camp that taught kids the basic skills of reading and spelling. And then I joined a club for children with learning disabilities. I learned to read. I could pick up their alphabet and write their letters. I was just getting started, so to speak.

The piñata was just the beginning, of course.

Since then, Seattle’s craft beer scene has grown a lot, and it’s become the epicenter of the craft beer industry in America. It might have even been the inspiration for the Seattle Seahawks — they were so stoked about the city’s growing beer scene, and the city’s growing hip new thing, the pizza scene. What a perfect marriage.

Today, this vibrant town has a huge craft beer scene that’s not only making a major push for recognition and recognition of its best beers, but also making it possible for more and more women and minorities to break into the beer industry. It’s no small feat: We’re only just reaching 40 female brewers, and our women-run companies have been a huge part of building this industry. But that’s just the start.

If you think about what Seattle’s craft beer scene has become on a national level — with all the different breweries that have popped up in it since 2012 — it’s not just the top-notch beers in the city that’s important. It’s the diverse groups of people that brew there that are giving people a reason to come, that make Seattle a destination in their home towns. It’s a city where a lot of people learn about brewing and beer together.

Today, Seattle’s craft beer scene is bigger than ever. At the same time, there’s an increase

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