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I have a teacher! We don’t train kids for this! If we had a place like the US Music Center around the world I would have taught piano there long ago, and many of my students there would have eventually developed piano skills that they’re still using today!

But, no matter how well you study, and no matter how smart, the real test is what you can do in real life. I don’t think you should be trying to be the best piano player ever, because you don’t have to be. It was a personal decision to become piano prodigy. A piano prodigy.

But, you must never stop learning. I know that sounds cliché, but remember, there’s only one real test. That’s taking piano lessons as a kid, and then progressing the piano as an adult. It’s the only way to know how you play, and what you’re good at doing, and what you need to improve.

And, I also want you to know that you have nothing to fear from being a better piano player. What is going to scare you is the idea that others don’t recognize your talent. People may think to themselves: “Wow, you suck! You have no heart or skills, right?”

But people like that are the ones who are going to think that anyway. You already know how to be your own best friend. You already understand that, right? That you’ve always been there to be a cheerleader, or a piano teacher, or a teacher of some kind. This knowledge does not need to be conveyed. When you’re young, you can have a few friends that you want to impress, and they might think you’re just a normal, easygoing kid, and that you need a really good tutor. But, you know, if you’re in a band or something, you don’t need that, either.

So, if you’re in the music department at a high school near you, take piano lessons as soon as you can, and keep taking lessons, to increase your chances of getting into the music program. Even if you don’t get in, it will be fun. And, I bet you’ll start taking piano lessons to keep in touch with your old music friends you used to play with, who have all the things you don’t. As I’ve also said to a lot of people; “Why should you wait for anyone else to take you? If you’re really smart, you’re going to put yourself out there!”

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