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I’m afraid so! Well, not that I would want children to practice anything too advanced, but I think it’s pretty cool that, in a matter of months or years, three year olds can actually play the most basic piano pieces out there, and even in a more advanced way. I’ve had very few questions about it when I’ve taught them, and I do wonder if this isn’t the one exception to the rule. So far I couldn’t find a website that has a comprehensive list of all these pieces. One place that does is the website of the Canadian Piano Teachers Organization. It has a complete list of everything in each piece, in the best notation I’ve ever seen. And to help them make it better, a few of them have started playing the pieces, or writing new works. Here is the list of Canadian Piano Teachers Organization’s Pieces of the Moment:

1. Chorus: 5.1 “Carnival”

2. Cello Sonata: 6.8 (“Dive” in E minor)

3. Waltz: 6.8

4. Sonata in A minor: 1. Allegro

5. Sonata in A minor: 4. Allegro

6. Pianoforte: 5. Allegro

7. Rondo of a Scarlatti Sonata: 6. Allegro (from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony)

8. Rondo in A major: 5. Allegro (from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony)

9. E major: 5. Allegro (from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony)

10. Symphony in D major: 6. Allegro (from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony)

11. E minor (Swing): 5. Allegro (from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony)

12. Solfeggio: 4.6

13. Suite in C major: 6. Allegro (from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony)

14. Solfeggio: 5.5 “Tremmel”

15. Sonata in C major: 5. B-flat minor

16. Symphony in E major: 5.1 “Eroica” (from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony)

17. Rondel: 1.4

18. Piano Concerto #5: 6. Allegro sostiello

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