Are there any free piano apps? – Learn How To Play Piano Free Lessons

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Yes! We have a few free apps available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store. Click on the apps that interest you and click “Install free.”

Piano Chords Scales Companion Pro and Progressions IPA ...
1) A piano player’s app

This is a great app for students learning to play the piano and playing their first piece. Learn the basics, like rhythm, chords and rhythm. It looks simple, and it’s free.

2) Live Piano

The latest version of Live piano app for iPhone is a much nicer experience for learning to play the piano. There is a simple and enjoyable learning curve for a beginner’s piano app, but it’s still very useful for a beginner’s learning to play the piano.

3) Piano App by Melody’s Piano Lessons

The most popular app for learning to play the piano, this app looks beautiful and it offers a good learning curve. It only requires you to learn the basic chords and some basic rhythmic phrases.

4) Stoller’s Keyboard Tutor for iPhone

This app is more geared towards students that already have the basics of piano down; you will be using keyboard shortcuts that will help you learn to play the piano. While using it, you will also use music notation and tablature to practice the piano. This app is good for learning to play the piano, and it provides a good learning curve.

5) PianoTutor for iPad

One of the best piano apps available on the iPad app store. It’s very simple to use and is super helpful in helping you learn to play the piano. A great learning curve, but a bit difficult to learn when you first start out.

6) Strobist

It’s the largest and most popular free piano app made by, and it allows you to play more sounds. This is a great app for learning to play, and the playing voice is really nice. It’s very similar to a song tutor for students learning to play the piano, and it’s also a better version of a song tutor that will help you to play the piano more naturally and get more comfortable on the instrument.

7) A nice piano apps

A great app for learning the piano. Piano app for iPad has a really nice and beautiful interface as well. It helps to create melodies, create bass lines and some rhythmic phrases. Not only that, this app allows you to play the piano with real drums for some real life music.


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